Start of the year!

This school year has gotten off to a great start! My 18 wonderful students bring a smile to my face every day. We are constantly learning and discovering new things in our classroom. In math, we have been working really hard on our multiplication and division facts. We have found that they are related…like cousins!!! We have also been working really hard on improving our reading fluency and comprehension. We have learned strategies to help us improve our comprehension, such as: Asking and Answering Questions, Cause and Effect, Main Idea and Key details, and many more!

I have loved watching my students learn the expectations and become leaders in the classroom. Even with the occasional misstep, we are really becoming a model class here at Arcadia Elementary!


A Summer full of….

Here’s a list of summer activities to hopefully avoid the, “there’s nothing to do” that a lot of kids say during the long hot days without school:

  1. Have a camp-out sleep-over with some friends
  2. Go to the pool and make up a cool game!
  3. Play a sport by yourself or with friends (basketball, football, soccer)
  4. Read a book and write a different ending to it!
  5. Invent something to make your life or your family’s life easier
  6. Jam out to some music!
  7. Go for a bike ride and enjoy the beautiful scenery
  8. Make your own movie and have a grand showing with family and friends.
  9. Create your own math game with questions and answers and play with your family or friends
  10. Explore someplace new

Summer is here!

Hot dogs on the grill

Grilled hot-dogs on the last day!

The 2013-2014 school year has come to an end! It’s a sad yet enjoyable day for all! We had an awesome year in 3rd grade and I hope you all enjoy your summer. Stay cool!

El año escolar 2013-2014 ha llegado a su fin! Es un día triste pero agradable para todos! Tuvimos un año increíble en el 3er grado y espero que todos disfruten de su verano. Mantenga la calma!